What is CDT?

Blox is a portfolio asset management application for blockchain and cryptocurrencies powered by the (CDT) token. Blox is an application that can be found on the Android, and Apple app stores. As well as a web application which is available on their website. Blox tracks crypto portfolios and helps customers manage their assets. Users can either manually or automatically sync their wallets and exchanges into a single, user-friendly, account.

By creating a unified platform that allows for asset management, and tracking, any user will be able to effectively manage their entire portfolio all from a single easy to manage application making portfolio management a breeze.

You can download the android version here.

You can download the iOS version here.

Blox Stories

Blox Stories are a feature in the mobile app which gives users an insight into different token statistics. The stories also feature the latest news posts, global ranking, fun facts, and small summaries describing the token in the featured story.

Blox Stories provide a fun and unique way for people to quickly learn about many different cryptocurrencies. Trending tokens are chosen for the featured list of tokens. You can easily share a snapshot with friends or on social media when you find interesting facts about a cryptocurrency project using the snapshot feature.

Portfolio Management

Blox makes cryptocurrency portfolio management simple and allows users to easily track multiple wallets across various exchanges from one dashboard. You can quickly create a new account by signing up with one click using your Gmail.

Asset control is simplified with the ability to sync multiple wallets across exchanges. Blox can also track wallets such as the Enjin wallet and other popular wallet services.

The Blox web application acts an all in one source for quick access to relevant information on almost every cryptocurrency on the market. As new tokens are released they are added to the market in the app.  Access instant charts, price, PNL over time, and even community polls.

Each cryptocurrency also has different insights to give users a better idea of performance, popularity, and the rank of the chosen cryptocurrency being viewed at the time. Helpful statistics such as these can assist you to stay updated on your favorite cryptocurrencies at any time.

Blox Products

Blox is most useful for professional traders, accountants & bookkeepers, CFO’s & Management. Features seamlessly integrate helpful tracking and management tools to provide a greater financial overview for those who manage assets across different blockchain wallets through a single user interface.

Auto sync & track

Save time, manual work and reduce costs by automatically syncing multiple blockchains, exchange accounts & custodianship services to effortlessly organize all your data in a single platform.


Get real-time analytics, balances, and performance of your cryptocurrency assets. Stay on top of your company’s finances at all times with full mobile & web support.

Bookkeeping & transaction control

Classify, document & reconcile your crypto data with labels, attachments, audit trail and complete transactions history. Export your data in CSV for accurate consolidated reporting and analysis.

Teamwork & collaboration

Share portfolios with external associates or designated team members in the organization. Get comments, suggestions and red flags regarding your activity, for smoother & consolidated financial processes.

Blox Product Plans

Product plans are divided between membership levels the tiers are Pro, Business, Enterprise, and Custom. Customers receive transaction storage space to easily monitor all transactions made across accounts from the account dashboard. The higher tiers come with more transactions storage, and each tier is separated according to the total AUM (assets under management).

CDT Token Utility

The CDT token grants access to features offered by Blox. In addition, the CDT token provides customers a discount on their subscription cost – up to a 75% discount. The discount is dependent on the amount of CDT tokens being staked, and the time period they will be staked for. You can learn more about how token discounts are calculated here.

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