What is MTL - Metal?

Metal is a blockchain-based payment system using a Proof of Processed Payment or PoPP protocol. Metal was designed with a user-friendly interface similar to popular payment apps such as Venmo or Square. As cryptocurrency payments become adopted on a wider scale, Metal plans to save consumers 4-5% more on each payment transaction than average. Metal users will also be able to earn cryptocurrency for making normal payments when using MTL.

Metal For Merchants

Metal can be used for peer-to-peer payments, which includes invoice features. Merchants are able to purchase platform credits using MTL, which enables discounts on all processing fees associated with transactions when using the Metal network. The use of MTL by users and merchants will assist in long term growth of the project. Merchants will also gain an extra 5% bonus off processing fees if they offer customers discounts when MTL is used for payments to further incentivize adoption.

Proof-Of-Processed-Payment Protocol

PoPP functions as a way to identify users while also distributing new currency into the MTL ecosystem. Furthermore, the users of MTL who choose to convert fiat to MTL will be rewarded a 5% bonus in MTL tokens. Once payment is settled a portion of the gross payment amount is issued in MTL.

During creation, a total of 66,588,888 MTL tokens were made. In addition to that, the team set aside 26,341,000 or 31% of the initial supply. The purpose of which is to distribute these tokens to users through the PoPP protocol. You can read a more in-depth explanation of the PoPP starting here.

Metal Pay - Planned Features

Metal Pay is the mobile application used to complete payments and functions for MTL. A version of Metal Pay is already available on the iOS app store. So far, the app has a total of 2,300 reviews and boasts a rating of 4.3 / 5 stars. This points to a good start for Metal, as most cryptocurrency apps have a tough time getting approval through the Apple app store.

Metal has outlined some key features they believe will bring value to the system over time and they plan to build in the near future. A few of those listed features are as follows;

Metal will build plugins for website platforms such as WordPress or Drupal to provide Metal Pay features directly to website owners and app users.

Branded Payment Card
Merchants who opt to use Metal can increase customer loyalty through branded payment options.

Hardware NFC Terminal
There are plans to use Raspberry Pi hardware terminals in conjunction with NFC payment cards to enable tap to pay anywhere features at any location MTL is accepted.


Although MTL is a centralized company at its core, their use of blockchain technology for payments is already available to users through the Apple app store and is being used by thousands of people around the world. With plans to save merchants huge costs on processing fees, we could soon see our local stores soon accepting MTL payments on the blockchain.

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