What is POE?

POE or Po.et is a universal ledger that records metadata, and ownership information for digital creative assets. Po.et is a form of Proof-Of-Existence created and ran on the Bitcoin Blockchain. Po.et aims to create the most institutional, globally-verifiable record of digital media assets. These records will act as a framework for building smart, interoperable media apps using a shared, standardized metadata format. Po.et hopes to transform the publishing industry with their immutable ledgers for creative works that will act a platform for both centralized and decentralized media applications.

What problems does POE fix?

“Po.et will address three main problems within the digital asset industry.”

1) Ownership —
Who owns this digital media asset?

2) Utilization 
May I use, license or re-purpose it?

3) History —
What is the origin of this asset and what is its trajectory?

Due to the advent of the internet many copyright and intellectual property rights have struggled to keep pace with the reduced cost of information sharing. There are marketplaces such as shutterstock that have attempted to fix this issue but they aren’t interoperable and they do not share information freely and openly with other sources. Specifically digital content licensing lacks metadata to prove authorship, ownership, history, and date of creation.

This problem is further compounded by the fact metadata can be altered or removed after it has been finalized by the author, or transferred to the cloud. This causes an inherent lack of verifiable information and that breeds uncertainty when dealing with complex chains of licensing, syndication, and ownership. Due to this there is a strong need created for smart contracts that can adapt to inherently complex models.  This leveraging of blockchain technology enables value and trust to flow free between publisher, editor, and content creator. 

What is the Po.et platform?

Po.et adds on to current Proof-Of-Existence features enabling new commercial applications and increasing metadata discoverability. Po.et took Proof Of Existence one step further by making original files and their metadata discoverable. This makes it possible for anyone to verify the authenticity of an original file an all associated metadata. By creating a platform with their shared ledger and data, Po.et can allow a user to generate an immutable ownership certificate of digital works, track and license assets on the web, and discover new assets while being able to also verify the authenticity of those assets. Po.et will also augment existing platforms such as Getty Images, Creative Commons etc….into its framework. Thus creating a shared, open, universal, metadata bank.

Po.et Team / Advisors

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