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What Are Trading Signals?

A trade signal is an alert to a trade opportunity. Trading signals simplify trading, increase your profits, and save you valuable time.

Anyone can use trade signals regardless of their trading experience. It’s as easy as;

1. Receive your trade signal alert

2. Make your trade entry

3. Set your stop-loss

4. Create alerts at take-profit points.

Once you receive an alert, you can easily enter a trade wherever you are from your mobile phone. 

Set it and forget it!

What you get

Quality Over Quantity

Our signals deliver results using market proven strategies. Sent directly to you in real-time through our Discord server.

Simple Signals

Easy to use trading signals include buy-in levels, stop-losses, take profit targets, and risk/reward profiles.

Reliable Service

Trading signals are only generated by analysts with a proven record of success to maintain accuracy even in the worst of bear markets.

Why you should purchase

Trade Signals Save Time

Save Time

Save yourself time! No more constantly watching the markets, digging through technical charts, and learning in-depth trading strategies.

Low risk trade signals

Low Risk

Our trade signals utilize low risk strategies that stay consistent regardless of market conditions. Don’t risk losing your money to the markets.

Cost Efficient

If you spend $5 a day on coffee, your cost would be $150 every month. Following our signal service pays for itself.


Over a 5 month period our free signals generated a monthly average profit of 81%.

That is an average 408% return over a 5 month period!

With our premium trade signals, you will have twice as many signals to act on every month.

More trading opportunities means more profit. 

If you want to see our most recent free trade signal results.

Join our Discord and take a look at our trade signal channels!

– Guessing
– Information Overload
– Poor portfolio management
– Bad trade strategies
– Not taking profit
– No trading experience
– Lacks proper risk management
– No understanding of financial markets

A buy alert is a call to action to buy a specified asset, at a certain time and price. The purpose of which is to take advantage of market irrationality and oversold conditions.

How is buy alert different from a trade signal?
A trade signal has more guidance built into the framework and is meant to conclude in within a defined set of time. Whereas, a buy alert does not provide the same guidance as a signal, and there is no defined set of time to how long it will take for the buy alert to be profitable.

This means acting on buy alerts means you have to plan your own exits and profit targets. But the purpose is to save time, by acting on simple buy alerts, you never waste any more time than it takes you to place the order, and set your stop loss.

What risks are present with buy alerts?
Because a buy alert is meant to make you aware of an opportunity based on oversold and irrational market conditions, there is a chance you will experience short term volatility.

What does a buy alert look like?


Buy Alert Results

Our Redfin alert was sent on November 8th, and in 5 months time, the price ran up to 23.50, which represents an increase of 71.86%.redfin alertNintendo
Our Nintendo alert was sent November 21st, and in 5 months time, the price ran up to $24, which represents an increase of 40%.nitendo alertNvidia
Our Nvidia alert was sent November 21st, and in 5 months time, the price ran up to 193.45, which represents a 33% increase.nevidia alertPlug
Our Plug alert was sent on February 20th, and in 2 months time, the price ran up to 2.86, which represents an increase of 83.91%.plug alertZIXI
Our ZIXI alert was sent on March 2nd, and in 2 months time, the price ran up to 11.09, which represents an increase of 69.5%.ZIX alert

How Do I Activate Trading Signals?

Step 1 - Locate your unique order ID.

Once your purchase has been made, you will see a receipt displayed with your order ID number. You can also find this number in your email. 

Step 2 - Join Discord

After you have located your order ID number. Join our trading community through Discord. You can join our discord by clicking here. 

Step 3 - Send Slyxus your ID number.

Send a message directly to Slyxus with your order number ID. You will receive a response and access to your premium trading signals.

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